Welcome / Benvenutə

Welcome to my digital hub!
My name is Camilla – I am a faculty member at Wesleyan University, in Middletown, CT. I primarily work in the Italian section of the Department of Romance Languages and Literature and in the College of Education Studies. I am also affiliated with the College of Design and Engineering and the Center for Global Studies

My work is focused on innovative, reflective, and radical pedagogy – particularly at the nexus of language learning, open educational resources (OERs), analog game-based learning, and tabletop game design.

My current projects involve Roll for Learning – Micro Tabletop Role-Playing Games To Use in the Classroom, a volume co-edited with Matthew Farber and William Merchant and forthcoming for ECT Press (Carnegie Mellon); the Educational Gaming Lab, a course that brings together elements of game-based learning and tabletop game design; the Italian Gaming Lab, a CLAC course that focuses specifically on designing tabletop games for language learning; and a language learning tabletop role-playing game, Lonely Planet, which is currently under development with Alessia Caviglia.

Other ongoing projects are Assaggi, an OER intermediate Italian curriculum currently used for second-year courses at Wesleyan; Passi, an OER elementary Italian curriculum under construction; various hacks of tabletop games for language learning courses; Italian Board Game Nights, a series of events where students and faculty play tabletop games in Italian; and WeScrive, a magazine in Italian written and edited by Wesleyan students (currently on hiatus).

If you would like to get in touch to discuss a project, learn more about what I do, or chat about languages, pedagogy, or games, please see my Contact information.