Open Educational Resources, Game-Based Learning, and L2 Pedagogy

2024 – “Roll for Learning: Micro Tabletop Role-Playing Games to Use in the Classroom,” co-editor with Matthew Farber and William Merchant
ETC Press / Carnegie Mellon [forthcoming]
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2020 – “(Video) Games, Gamification, and Game-Based Learning in the Foreign/L2 classroom,” co-author with Simone Bregni and Brandon Essary.
Italian Language and Culture Conference: Challenges in the 21st Century Italian Classroom, edited by Louise Hipwell and Donatella Melucci.
Digital Georgetown, Georgetown University, Volume 1 (Fall 2020): 7-29. [article]

2020 – “Teaching and Learning in the Age of the COVID-19 Pandemic,” with Daniela Bartalesi-Graf. Italica, 97.2 (2020): … [article]

2014 – “The Importance of Bridging,” L2 Journal, 6.1 (2014): 18-22. [article]

Italian Cinema

2017 – “A Grotesque Entanglement of Money and Power in Elio Petri’s Property is no Longer a Theft. (1973),” booklet for Property is no Longer a Theft. Arrow Films, DVD. February 2017. [DVD booklet essay]

2014 – “Bad cops, dubious killers, and alienated citizens: Elio Petri’s The Assassin (1961),” booklet for The Assassin. Arrow Films, DVD. July 21, 2014. [DVD booklet essay]

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2013 – Video interview for Investigation of a Citizen above Suspicion. Criterion Collection, DVD extra.

2013 – Translation: excerpts from Pirro, Ugo. Il cinema della nostra vita (Rome: Lindau, 2000). Investigation of a Citizen above Suspicion. Criterion Collection, DVD extra. [excerpts translation – DVD booklet]

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